Chota Bheem and the thron of Bali - Movie Review

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Get ready to watch baccha party’s favorite character on big screen one more time. Chhota Bheem and the thron of Bali: A great treart for your kids this weekend.


As their best TV serial on POGO, kids would love watching Chhota Bheem’s movie. This time little Arjun is also a great & brave character. When Chhota Bheem and his friends arrives to Bali (Arjun’s town), they see catastrophe everywhere which is because of Rangada the evil. These young ones now have to show courage to save Bali and its people. Arjun and Chhota Bheem’s team make a good team and give fight to the evil.

Cartoons are always fun for kids but end is easily predictable. Also, there is fun to watch a competition game between Arjuna and Chhota Bheem, jamping japang (IPL theme song) and other songs.

Have fun with your kids :)

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