Cinnamon Rolls, Baklava, Tarts & more by Bakesalotlady!

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Attributes: Desserts, Home made

From simple Vanilla Cake to Cheesecakes, Tarts,  Cookies of all kinds, Cinnamon rolls to the Middle Eastern Baklava Bakesalotlady's baking up a lot of things in her tiny kitchen. Not only that Miss.Anjali also bakes and makes Bread, Pizzas, Burgers, Artisan bread’s you name it and she bakes it.

Anjali Johny or Bakesalotlady as she is more popularly known, confesses that since long she’s  had a passion for food. For Anjali it started off just as any other hobby, she used to bake for her family and friends; until one day when someone asked her if she could bake something for them, that was the fortunate day for all us dessert and cake lovers Bakesalotlady was born.

Throughout her journey of life, her mother and grandmother have been her inspiration. She grew up seeing them get creative and experimental with flavors and textures. Anjali has very beautifully picked up these qualities,  our dear sweet magician does not stop here she believes in adding a zest of craziness in her work ;as she says the crazier the better.

Lastly, I’d like to quote BakesalotLady as she says “There’s something  really personal and magical about home made food and nothing can replace that, every time I bake for someone, be it family  or someone who’s placed an order I bake with  same love and compassion.” 

Do reach her through DM, to place an order for all good, baked things: 


Author Credit: Adiba Syed

Picture Credit: Bakesalotlady



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