CityShor Hoardings & the Story of growth

They met some 7 years back when they were working with a telecom company. One was in HR; the other in Quality. For only-God-knows-how they started talking about starting up something of their own. Something mindblowing, something interesting, something that changes the world, something that changes the way people look at things, like Apples, F Bs, Twitters of the world; something that gives them what they wanted from life : Fame! Respect! (Money has just come into the picture, it was never discussed then :))

They were, as the World shall say, pretty settled in their career. They jumped jobs, both moving in different companies and cities (Mumbai & Gurgaon), moving up in the corporate ladder. They, infact, started two websites also while they were still working. Both ideas failed due to lack of knowledge & funding. It's OK - they said. The 'doing something big' kept haunting them and they kept discussing different ideas. But they could not do anything - at times it was idea itself, at times it was money, at times it was guts ... BUT mostly it was FEAR. The fear of failure. Leaving a well-paying job at a high-point in career when more or less things are predictable ... it sounded a bit stupid. 

The fear of failure was still there (and still here :)), when they took the 'leap of faith' (or got 'stupid enough') and resigned from their companies. 

That was two years ago. A bunch of friends helped us with initial funding - we are still obliged. Had it not been them, we could have never started. We started with two laptops, two phones, one camera, one dongle, zero office & zero audience. A couple of days later we were still the same except that the audience was increasing. We were not just followed, but loved by you. The love kept us going. Today we have a huge audience on F B, WhatsApp, Emails and website. Yes, we are on hoardings also now to reach out to those 'offline audience'. Yes, we are glad we could do it all. We can boast a bit about what all we have achieved but that doesn't give us the kick anymore. We believe we are much behind the schedule we prepared for ourselves. 

We're working on that next big that we will bring about and we may need your support. Yes we need your help and we need it big time. 'What and how' - coming soon ...! 

Love you all for everything! Truly! 

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