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Weekend at CityShor are spent discovering the best of unusual and unexplored in Pune & Ahmedabad. From the 11th to the 13th though, we spent our time exploring & discovering Ranakpur in Rajasthan. Be it recommendations or discoveries, we’ve always shared our experiences with you guys; and we definitely recommend that you make your stay at THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, if you make your way down to Ranakpur, any weekend.
For any queries, call on: +91-7742919278

Farm-stay at a remote location, lip-smacking meals, exotic birds, star-studded skies, oh-so-gorgeous architecture and road trip shenanigans, we experienced all this and much more. ! Here’s more about our extended weekend getaway...

Travelling, they say, first leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story-teller. Speaking of our 3-day travel, did it leave us speechless? Absolutely! Do we have stories to tell? Innumerable ones! Ranakpur is located at a distance of about 350 kms from Ahmedabad. Driving down this distance was definitely one of the highlights of our trip given the picturesque views we passed by.

After 6 hour drive, walking into THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY was a blessing for, it is a boutique Farmstay offering luxury accommodation in the aristocratic settings co-matching the rustic beauty of countryside of the Godwad region of Rajasthan. Spread over a whopping 130 acres of lush farmland, tending to be a perfect luxurious accommodation set in the rustic, beautiful countryside of Rajasthan. For our entire team it served as an ideal private villa to relax and rejuvenate.

While the rooms are stirred with a regal touch to experience the quintessence of Rajasthan; You can also explore an abundant range of activities like cycling, bird watching, Sheep herding, & ample farming activities or just choose to hold a camera in one hand and a book in another.

More so, being the foodies that we are, it had to be our topmost priority and the ones at the Retreat made sure that the entire team thoroughly enjoys tucking themselves trying out the local cuisine and dishes; and that’s exactly what we did! Our meal times consisted of delectable spreads of DAAL BAATI CHURMA, LAAL MAAS, KOFTAS, TAMATAR ki Sabzi and hoards more, topping it off with RAJBHOG & KHEER!

Onto the BEST PART of the stay; which isn't the food, nor the stay and not even the late night drives but, it is the HOSPITALITY! KRISHNAPAL SINGH CHAMPAWAT, who owns and runs the serene hub, makes his presence felt in the form of topnotch service as well as enthusiasm!
You want to drive down to the river bed at 1 in the night? Chalo!
You want your food served hot after your drive? Will do!
A Leopard Safari, you say? It will be arranged!
What more could one ask for!

A few other highlights of our trip include; Waking up to the sight & chirping of exotic birds, some exceptionally pretty ones! A simply breath-taking experience for the entire team was gazing at the star-studded sky! Never have we ever spotted SO MANY stars twinkling away. Ask us what was the most special moment of the entire trip and we’ll tell you, without a second thought, it was witnessing not one but multiple shooting stars!

While our experience was greatly enviable, you can also make your way down to THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, to experience the Rustic, Regal, & Wilderness! Cheers.

Contact: +91-7742919278

Address: THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, VPO - Bankli, Teh. Sumerpur, Dist. Pali, Rajasthan - 306902

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