CityShor turns 3!

CITYSHOR TURNS 3, and our happiness knows no bounds!
You have always seen the front end of CityShor but, today we let you in with a message from the founders,

"Come for a casual talk and probably we have a million stories to share about CityShor but honestly its absolutely difficult to write about CityShor on its 3rd anniversary. 

It isn't difficult because we are short of words but, probably because we have a lot to say but our knowledge says that people hate to read long stories; Especially when it doesn’t have something in it for readers.

Call it a kids like approach but we are still not over, as to how this particular start-up which was an age old dream came to fruition! What heroic, crazy and impractical stories we had when we started CityShor but, we know all our close-ones are bored to death hearing it over and over again so, we are surely not talking about it. 

Being founders, obviously lead to some major weight on our shoulders; While, we can obviously show you the glorified side of CityShor, as to how we have improved our coverage, photography, sales, how retailers and users are happy, or how our App or Website is performing but, honestly that is too unnecessarily technical, operations heavy and boring.

After whacking our heads for quite a bit, Here is how we have picked-up the topic for the 3rd anniversary of CityShor:
'What if today was our last day in CityShor' (NOT CityShor's last day)?
What all would we recollect, and cherish?'

Now, that is a long list but, just a couple of things off our head,

-We are extremely happy to have achieved our life long dream of coming up with a START-UP. Most wouldn't even make an attempt to go a step towards their dreams.

-We have still a looooong way to go, as we intend to go on a national and an international level.

-We are super proud, and happy that we genuinely did something which people loved and literally went ga ga over it. We were the talk of the town when we just started, and today we have become a part of your daily life.

-We are immensely proud that we have genuinely impacted people’s lives; more aptly put retailers for, we have helped them marvelously to shape up their business.

-The large number of goof-ups that we have made in this three years journey. Come for a coffee with us and we can tell you in detail about them.

-The crazy things that we keep on doing till date - Painting our office, to smallest of the celebrations or taking an vacation when we feel like not working and a million other things which we are sure that best of the start-ups are not doing.

-We are thrilled to realize that people who have worked for us and with us are still in deep love with us. Till date all our X employees are deeply connected and concerned, as to how are we doing. People hate to leave us and more often than not, it is followed by a "ganga jamna" ceremony when they leave.
- Aaaaand finally a long list of dreams and innovations that we have in our mind, that is bound the ‘shock the world’, which obviously will have few more unknown goof-ups. 

It is indeed very shocking, when we realised that we have spend more time with each other than with our families, wives, kids, friends or anything. If by someway, one could analyse our brains, it would again be shocker that for the past 3 years, we simply could not stop thinking about CityShor, and the best part is that we not at all exhausted; Craving more and more of it. 

Lastly, just so you know, running a start-up is a complete emotional journey - Ideas, Innovations, User Acquisition, Sales, Reporting Structures and everything seemingly important is absolutely not at all important as compared to your emotional quotient.

We have seen loads of ups and downs, laughter and sadness, success stories and goof-ups, people supporting and ditching, changes in our personal lives with our closed ones and probably everything single thing of our past life has changed after CityShor.

We love every single second and bit of it all, and we wish to DEEPLY thank every individual directly and indirectly connected to CityShor. Without you, this would not have been possible and with you - you are going to see some unbelievable greatness from our end!"

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