CityshorRecommends: 5+ homemade khichdis by Khichdi & more

Cuisines: Gujarati, Healthy

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Home Delivery

Attributes: Delivery

What if we tell you that you can get that aroma arising from your mom’s kitchen or that signature taste of her Khichdi, delivered to you?

We’re referring to a new home-delivery kitchen startup that delivers 5+ flavours of delicious home-made khichdis by Khichdi & More! Order now:


Time: 12 Noon to 3 PM | 7 to 11PM

If mom-made food is best, the next best food by Khichdi & more, we assure. Tall claim? Try them and let us know. With a small menu of 6 varieties of Khichdis, Khichdi & more has successfully become the first choice whenever people are looking to order scrumptious food!

To add to it, they also serve Papad, Curd & Pickle complimentary!

Do try their ALOO CHOKHA, & KADHI as they are totally different than your imaginative taste

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