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Our human body is a complex machine which gets exposed to a cocktail of toxins on a daily basis. From excessive use of deodorants, make-up, cleaning chemicals and air fresheners to daily coffee, peak hour traffic, pesticides in foods and the stress hormones we produce; everything has a long-lasting effect on our health and wellness. Now we definitely know that we can’t avoid them, but who says you can’t take a little time off? 

Bring your body back to optimal functioning by detoxifying it from this toxic torture. Cleanse the harmful contaminants out and give your physique, mind and soul a break. If you want to fast track your health or just want to detox diet for a short time, follow a safe and doable seven-day program at Shanku's Natural Health Centre‚Äč Read on to find out what they have in store for you! 

Situated in Mehsana about 55 kms away from Ahmedabad, this heavenly place boasts of a 50 bedded centre in lush green surroundings that will transport you to an all-encompassing tranquillity along with a  gym, swimming pool, walking track, Game Zone and even an organic farm so that you can spend your days being one with yourself and addressing your own problems like you truly and deservedly need to do. 

With over 12 years of experience, more than 12,000 patients from all over the world, a patient centric design, user friendly facilities, cooperative staff, qualified and friendly doctors and their own super specialty hospital - Shankus Medi City too; this relaxing retreat uses the most scientific approach to treat several major and minor ailments and to ensure a positive mind as well as a healthy body.

Their seven-day detoxification program aims at taking the load off organs like kidney, liver and bowel while at the same time supporting and improving their performance. A clean and pure atmosphere, individual attention, simple dietary plans, natural remedies and rightful methodologies are inculcated into their program to eradicate the cause from its roots and to build a harmonious immune system that fights, protects and prevents future ailments of any sorts. 

With this detoxification program, they promise a boost in the energy levels, improved appetite and digestion, weight loss, toxin cleanse, purification and rejuvenation of the body, minimised relapse of diseases, strengthened physiology and increased vital force of the body; only some of the long list of benefits. 

What are you waiting for? Find balance and harmony within yourself and partake in this glorious program now! 

Address: Shanku's Natural Health Centre, Shankus Waterpark & Resort campus, Ahmedabad - Mehsana Highway, Mehsana 
Contact: 9099080086

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