Clearance SALE of upto 50% awaits you at CRAFTROOTS

Attributes: Decor, Upholstery & Carpets, Ceiling Hangings, Cushion & Throws

Get your hands on a unique amalgamation of the best of craftsmanship from Gujarat, as CRAFTROOTS showcases a wide spread array of home decor products to spruce up your abode with ease. In fact, they are offering a clearance SALE of upto 50%; all on the 1st floor of Baleshwar Avenue, opp Rajpath Club, S.G Highway, Ahmedabad.
An initiative by Gramshree, CRAFTROOTS aims to empower artisans by connecting them to their resources, tools and network of partner members.

Craftroots was born to revive, preserve and share the craft traditions of Gujarat, India with the world; wherein they aim to bring together people, process and technology to revive our traditional craft and building an eco-system with partner members to develop a scalable and sustainable model for craft development.

Through wide varieties of craft forms, CRAFTROOTS create awareness in the market about the skills, time and creativity that artisans invest into their craft. They connect Artisans, NGOs, Self-Help Groups, Cooperatives, Businesses, Corporations, Design & Management Institutes, Individuals and Experts such as designers, 

You have to give it to them for representing an aura of charm, freshness and art where silk threads are to weave intricate patterns of embroidery on a cotton cloth. Indigo, Red, Pink and Purple are just a small array of bright, aesthetic colours that are used to make the product look elegant. You can have a look at the such impeccable designs right here at CRAFTROOTS! Cheers.


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