Complete Car Care Soutions at Antila Automotives

Looking for a complete cares clinic for your cars? Take them to Antila Automotives!


There are some unsaid rules that we Indians simply follow. Or we like them being followed! Never mess with a girls purse and a guys car! They care for it more than they for themselves!


If you are someone, for whom their cars are more important than anything else, you ought to know about this place. If you are someone, who is not, you definitely should take your car here at Antila Automotives!


Right from General, Interactive services to wheel alignment or Engine tune up, they are the experts in all! In total they provide more than 7+ various kinds of services for your cars.


Interactive service, Engine Tune up, Oil change & General Services, Wheel alignment, Batteries & Electrical, Body Shop / Insurance, A.C. Service, whatever you may need- They provide what your cars needs!


Need Car Insurance, they sort it out too!


Book your appointments today! Call: 97141 61423

Address: B/s Reliance Petrol Pump, Nr. C.N. Vidyalaya, Ambawadi

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