Confused? where to eat out during Demonetisation?-Rustyard

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Well, the first question that comes to mind is – what has eating out has to do with Demonetization. Based on our recent findings, almost 50% of the people are on cost-cutting and have reduced out-of-home entertainment. But if you fall in the rest of 50%, we know you are surely looking for place which gives you the best of your buck spent.  

A cool place with quirky stuff makes you feel awesome as soon as you step-in. Add to it, good food, loads of variety, eye-pleasing servings, and obviously COST EFFECTIVE. Well, we have just figured out such a place for you – RustYard. 

We have already written about RustYard’s ambience and would suggest you to visit to know more about it is as today we are going to stick to the delicious food that we had. However, as a quick introduction, the place has a café kind of look but as far as food option goes it is nothing less than a Bistro or a restaurant. 

Before we get down to what we tried, let me tell you the place has everything possible on the menu. Soups, Starters, Snacks (Sandwiches, Pizzas, Pastas), Main Course, Noodles, Rice options, Mocktails and obviously, Desserts. They boast of providing Indian, Thai, Chinese, Continental, and Italian cuisine. 

It’s our third visit to this place and this time we tried some of the traditional dishes and some of the indigenous fusions. They say if you can’t get basics right, don’t try your hands on fusion. Going strongly by the belief, we first tried their Sweet Corn Soup, Chocolate and Vanilla Shake, Green Apple Mojito. And we got an idea that we must prepare our self for the great food coming in. 

As we were hungry, we quickly asked them to get us Mud Shake (crushed version of Mud ice cream) and Love Hunt (Lemonade with Mango Crush and Khus Syrup). Top on the list if you are a fan of drinks. Our recommendation is that people with more traditional palette should try the later one. 

Next in the line were starters – Chilly Bean Nachos and Papad Platter. Who doesn’t like Nachos right? But when it is loaded with creamy crushed beans and just the right amount of cheese, your craving for Nachos doesn’t stop at one. Next on your order should be, the Papad Platter and you surely won’t be wondering how to kill time while your main course is still arriving. Platter had Masala, Khichiya and Garlic Papad – oh and don’t forget to ask for the dip. There it is. A perfect start to a beautiful culinary experience

Thai Green Sataye and Sizzling Veg Crispy Basket – At Rustyard, these belong to the starters menu list, but man what quantity it had. Finely Chopped Veg dumplings tossed in authentic Thai green sauce and topped with green chillies just over powers everything you had before. Just when you are looking at the shape of your tummy, here comes one more starter – Sizzling Veg Crispy Basket. While the dish is being served, you are talking to yourself that … oh, I am going to just taste this. First bite and I remembered Lays tag line – No one can just eat one!

We were already full by then but when I asked my friend, I learned that we have ordered two more dishes. Farms Pizza and Cheese Chilly Dynamite. Farms Pizza has just the right amount of sauce, cheese and loads of Vegetables. Neither the cheese nor the sauce over powered the taste of veggies topped on a large size Pizza. The last bite in the joint was of Cheese Chilly Dynamite – and that was a big mistake. I realized that next time when I return to this place… that’s the dish I am going to order first. 

Yes, it summarizes our satisfactory visit to this newly opened joint and we are sure that you are already making plans to visit this place. Well, don’t even think once!!!

Add: Surmount tower ,Shop no 22,1st floor,above tea post,opp.iscon mega mall,service road,S G Highway,satellite, Ahmedabad

Conatct: 9870111114

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