Coorg Food Festival at Dravida the Fern

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Feeling distraught that you could not travel anywhere this Summer vacation?

Dravida- the Fern- the Awarding winning restaurant presents COORG FOOD FESTIVAL! Get ready to experience the misty hills of Karnataka via food!

The Coorg Food Festival has started at Dravida, The Fern!

Dravida - The Fern Hotels & Resorts, Nr Sola Overbridge, S. G. Highway | 9099937407 | 3 - 12 May | 7:30 to 11

Here with the Finest Recipes from the majestic ranges of Coorg, The Fern Hotel is about to become a junction, that takes us for tasteful roller coaster ride!

While, it makes no difference (because they nothing like any dish we have ever seen in Ahmedabad till date), here is a list of dishes that we tried here:

- Bendekaayi Gojju: Belonging to the Kannada cuisine, this Bhindi Recipe from South India is going shape your thinking about Bhindis
- Kootu Curry: a mix of different vegetables and chickpeas simmered in a coconut cumin gravy, and later topped with browned/fried coconut.
- Kundapura koli Saaru: A traditional Chicken preparation popular amongst the Coastal belt!
- Kodava Koli Barthad: It roughly translates to Coorg Fried Chicken. Nuf said!
- Maddur Vada: A Snack from Southern Part, that we gujju are bound to fall in love with.
- Matthi Fry: Every Malyalis Favourite Fish Recipe!
- Pandi Curry: The iconic Pork Curry from Coorg!
- Ragi Haalbai: A delicious Raagi dessert (halwa) to end your journey

Grab the details, and head to Dravida!

Dravida- The Fern, Nr Sola Overbridge, S. G. Highway
9099937407 / 9099937418
3 - 12 May
7:30 to 11

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