Cosy & close to the heritage of Gujarat, a unique home stay

New to Ahmedabad? Visiting Ahmedabad for a short trip? Plan your stay in the most known area of the city, in a cosy home stay, Heritage House!

With the thought of serving the people and preserving the heritage of our city, Mr Jagdip Mehta and his family have preserved their house into a beautiful heritage site. Get to stay with this Gujarati family, and understand the real meaning of “Atithi Devo Bhava” from them. "Heritage House" located in the heart of the city, Khadia, is a place sure to leave you mesmerised with their authentic taste!  

When on one side in this modernising world, people are in a hurry to compete with everyone and be more modern, this family wants to be rooted. They want to preserve the heritage and want more people to know about this. When foreigners visit their house the family teaches them how to read and write in Gujarati, cook Gujarati food and the essence of festivals as well.

Our city is known for its Pol Culture and everyone has a childhood story related to that. We are sure, that while you visit this house which is in one of the Pols, you are bound to be nostalgic. With an open courtyard and a beautiful veranda this home is very welcoming. The Italian ceiling, the flooring, the seating arrangements and the underground rain water harvesting tank add to the beauty of the house. This house has several visitors from abroad and within the city who mainly come here for their projects and study the architecture of the house.

Their house is listed on airbnb (as home stay in a heritage house) and you can get more details from their Facebook Page :

So next time you plan your visit to Ahmedabad, make it a memorable one by staying surrounded by the culture of Gujrat and knowing the heritage better right here!

Address : 1870/1871,"Heritage House", Moto Suthar Wado, Nr. Vanita Vishram School, Khadia

Contact : +91-9825310315 - Mr Jagdip Mehta

    (R)079 22166747⁠⁠⁠⁠

Tags: Cosy & close to the heritage of Gujarat, a unique home stay

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