Cotton & Mul Collection by Paulomi Dalal

Attributes: Clothing, Chudiddar/Anarkalis

Paulomi Dalal is showcasing her range of Pure Cotton & Mul Collections in Tunics, Long-Straight-Hand Embroidered Kurtas, Cotton & Pakistani Dress Materials, 9:30 am onwards on 11th April (Saturday) at Beyond Gallery, opp Keshav Bagh.
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Elegance & sophistication is what Paulomi Dalal's collection radiates. Her forte is to showcase simple yet beautiful dresses that are easy on the pocket for just about everyone. Her design collection is from all across India, that you can adorn daily as well as something fancy to showoff on an occasion. From her tunics to kurtas and even her dress materials, the colours used are extremely vivid.

With her elegant wear being showcased only for a day, we suggest you make a window for this one of a kind exhibition at your earliest. Cheers.

Address: Beyond Gallery, opp Keshav Bagh, Ahmedabad

Date: 11th April - Saturday

Timing: 9:30 am onwards

Contact Paulomi on +91-9825125171

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