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How do you decorate your home or garden? By getting filthy expensive furniture or show pieces, is it? Ever thought that a car/two wheeler’s tyre or an empty bottle can help you decorate your house!!

Xhama Patel, an art teacher has come up with “Crafting and Fun Ideas” concept and she knows how to make the best from waste. Just get her a tyre and in return get a beautiful home decor piece. Or get her a plain bottle and you can get a painted lady or a Buddha face on it. Sounds awesome!! Some colorful buttons can be a great photo frame for your home or a colorful tea pot can be placed in any corner of your home to make it more beautiful.

Do you also have a pair of plain canvas or loafer shoes? Get them beautifully painted with Crafting & Fun Ideas. What more? A scrap book filled with photographs. Because some things in life are priceless. Gift your family or friends a huge scrap book with more than 100 photographs for a lifetime memories. Ask her to create a small card for someone and she’ll again use her artistic brains to make one.

Contact Xhama Patel (Ahmedabad) on 846 911 4002 or 760 010 5618. Email her on: All products are made to order and customized. Please contact her four days in advance to have your products ready on the day that you want.

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