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Do you know what is better than chocolates? Home-made chocolates! Slurrp! Slurrp!

Do you ever crave for a particular taste or combination in your chocolate? Like a chocolate stuffed with cake inside or an orange flavored chocolate? If you are like me and can think of new combinations but not find them in market – Creamy Cacoa is the place for you.

Bhavya Parmar has been making home-made chocolate for the past three years. What’s more, she actually makes her own dark, regular and white chocolates for her recipes. The pleasant news is that there is something for everyone. For the dry fruit lovers there are walnut, fruit and nuts and almond specialties; there are white, caramel and dark chocolates available as well. The exclusive ones (my favourite) are the Barbeque chocolate and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The former is served hot on a small skewer while the latter is an impressive version of the original. There is also something for the fans of orange peanut butter and mint flavors!

I have already ordered some personalized sweet delights for Rakhi, how about you?

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Contact:  9558139969

Article by: Rajbir Gill Achoriwala

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