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Let me ask you this? How do you get your car cleaned? Most probably some Ramu or Shamu Kaka go about with a bucket, spray it all over and wipe it with a rough cloth I assume and then you wonder as to why did your car lose it's lustre & shine! Get the same shine that it had, the day you drove out of the showroom at CREATIVE MOTORS, Mithakali Six Roads.

Although Creative Motors might not have been the pioneers of the concept of a car wash but, they have indeed strived to become the best! Their aim is to deliver a fast, high quality wash to their customers yet still providing an excellent customer satisfaction. When you pull your car in, they will pay close attention to your specific needs, with nothing left to chance or guess work.

Their services include: 
-Foam Wash - It is a professional wash wherein foam is applied on your car and it stays on its surface for 2 to 3 minutes making it easy to remove the dust particles and stains from the base.  Apart from this interior carpets are vaccumed and car foot mats are also cleaned. Foam Wash makes your Car's mechanism easy as it cleans all the dust and brake dust from it's wheels.

-Paint Protection Treatment - Talking about Exteriors, their premium package of a Glass Coated Treatments offers finish like no other, which is bound to make your car radiate.

-UV Treatment (New Car) - It essentially is a wax layer applied regularly after a specific interval of time to maintain the glossy finish of your car. It also includes a complete Car Foam Wash & Interior Dressings which protects the Interiors from harmful UV Rays. It also gives a smooth surface to Car Paint. The treatment should be repeated every 2-3 months.

-Interior Germ Cleaning Treatment - The treatment has that particular name for, no matter how old your Car might be, they assure that it ends up looking totally new & fresh.

Their experienced team also deal with any unwanted drips of bird droppings, caked mud, tree sap or paint on the outside and also remove any stains or spills on the inside, using the best equipment and products available!

One of their foremost priority is to provide a level of wash quality and customer service unheard of in Ahmedabad. Apart from providing a great car wash experience, they also have a full service detail centre, and also a convenience store for your car; wherein you can pick out a replacement of your Car Rims to Sound Systems to what not from their wide range.

Placed near an array of showrooms, you can now ger your car professionally washed while you do your shopping at your favourite store.

For quality, service and convenience, no need to look beyond CREATIVE MOTORS. Cheers.

Contact no. 99099 99135 & 079-26421200
GF 1,2,3 
Urvashi Complex
Nr. Mom and Me
Mithakhaki Six Roads,

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