Crocs Ahmedabad

Attributes: Footwear, Flat Bottoms

Walk in comfort, wear in style … which is why Crocs is now the Official Footwear of CityShor :) … Disclaimer : CityShor doesn’t get paid for any article, neither did they gift us one free. So rest assured we write ONLY if we believe in what we are writing. We are amazed to see that a company can be so innovative to blend comfort, fun, health and style in such a way.

What amazes us even more is the range they have for each age group & both the genders and a huge cute sexy range of accessories for shoes. Kids love Crocs because of their colors & pattern, elders because its good for their knees and all others because of the Style it carries. Each of their shoe carry unmistakenly differentiators – soft, comfortable, healthy for your feet and above all, it doesn’t stink :) Feel the love and try a pair of Crocs today at the only exclusive store in Ahmedabad at Gulmohar Mall. Crocs India.

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