Customised Footwear & Clutches by BLINKK

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Showcasing great footwear pieces and matching clutches, that befittingly suit your entire attire this season, we have BLINKK in town, with it;s immense mastery when it comes to impeccably designed footwear that you can be customised; All at 1-Sunview Apartments, opp Purnanand Ashram, near Ishwar Bhuvan, Commerce Six Roads.

While some brides love their labels, BLINKK breaks free from the cliched glittery and we can understand why and when it comes to you; Simply have a look at their uber savvy pair of footwear and you feel like getting a pair customised just for you under the next anarkali or lehenga you wear.

The array rightly boasts of a lot of edgy colors, right from orange to green, black to yellow, to even floral prints, making them stunning in nature.
At par is their range of Clutches, that can be customised as well to match your footwear as well as your lehenga, with beautiful lace patterns or chunky Ghungroos hanging from them.

One thing is for sure, a change in your wardrobe if definitely imminent this season and BLINKK is indeed that one-stop-solution. Cheers.

Address: BLINKK, 1-Sunview Apartments, opp Purnanand Ashram, near Ishwar Bhuvan, Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9726811777

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