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Witness a widespread range of unique designs, the use of gorgeous colours, along-with the addition of chic broaches, laces, and much more for that necessary 'oomph'; as BLINKK brings forth exceptional footwear for you to adorn this season. In fact, with the option of thorough customization as per your wants & needs, the designer hub at 1-Sunview Apartments, opp Purnanand Ashram, near Ishwar Bhuvan, Commerce Six Roads; is indeed the place to be.

The footwear brand by Vasvi Vyas has come up with a fresh range of styles; complimenting just about every outfit in your closet. The brand showcases a range that is bound to be perfect for every occasion, made from exceptional quality.
The array rightly boasts of a lot of edgy colors, right from orange to green, black to yellow, to even floral prints, making them stunning in nature.

More so, their clutches are equally wondrous as well for, you can get them customized as per the design of your footwear; making for a more than fitting getup without compromising on the wearability, whenever you head out to flaunt the same.
While you have a free hand when it comes to customizing your footwear, the designer also updates her collection according to seasons and festivals; ensuring that the array laid out is at par with the current trends.

With quality and quantity up for grabs, make your way down to BLINKK to set up some iconic trends with ease. Cheers.

Contact: 9726811777

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