D Day Movie Review

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The ‘D Day’ movie is good enough! Yes, it’s good enough… ‘good’ in some scenes and ‘enough of good’ in other.

D Day probably is the first of its kind movie in Bollywood wherein India’s agents gets into Pakistan and hunt for ‘India’s Most Wanted’ men i.e. Dawood like gangster – who is believed to be responsible for all the terror attacks in India. Full marks to Advani for picking up this plot… though I wonder why Bollywood took so much time to work on this plot when Hollywood has been doing it since… not sure how many years.

The movie begins with a super intriguing and promising scene where few ‘India agents’ are trying to execute a mastermind plan. Though you don’t understand what is happening and what’s the plan like but your ‘attention’ and ‘expectation’ are highest.

Here comes the Bollywood U turn exactly after those ‘best’ twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, you will realize that movie is not mainly about hunting Dawood-like gangster from Pakistan, strategy, master mind plans, but it is more about the story of agents, their emotional journey during pre and post operations. The movie gets so bollywoody at times (for eg they have an un-trained person who plays a key role in abducting the gangster, songs, agent falls in love with prostitute, etc.) that you can’t help but start cursing Bollywood.

Having said that Advani has done a good job building backdrops, showing politics, creating characters, showing governments, covert teams work, strategy, stunts, etc. Probably it has been ‘best’ as far as Bollywood is concerned.

This is how I would like to summarize the movie. The film begins as a thriller, gets into emotional heartbreak, sometimes involves revenge, takes weird turns and ends in no man’s land.

Finally, when you see last scene of the film, you will kill yourself… you will realize that if this is how the story had to end, they could have done it in the first twenty minutes only.

Who says ‘Good things come to those who wait’?

Rating: 3 Shor

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