D8 - The Fashion Hub for Men

Attributes: Clothing, Accessories, Bottoms/Trousers, Shirts, Watches

We all know that the retail world is biased towards women, because apparently only they want to dress well. If you are the type of guy who enjoys looking his best and wants to do so without spending a thousands every month over a brand, then get over your nearby mall because D8 is the one-stop-solution to your problems.
Suit up with broaches and watches or dress down with casual loafers and denim. Men can stay en vogue whatever be the mood or occasion. Omnipresent retail brands churn out similar collections making it hard to wear your personality. Set yourself apart with the exclusive men’s wear collection available at D8. What makes it worth every penny is that you don’t have to shell out so much!
Our styling tip: pair linens and club masters with cool casual carelessness to beat the crowd and beat the heat.

Lucrative? We bet. Make sure you visit their store at the earliest cause they tend to run out fast; There is no denying that the stuff D8 showcases looks good. Cheers.

Address: D8, Ground Floor, Besides Lovisha, Saket Complex, Prernatirth Derasar road, Satellite, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9898416613, +91-9998049406

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