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Isn't it one of the biggest wishes for all the moms in the world to dance with your kiddo? Well, we are sure it is but in this distracting hustle and bustle of daily life, deep down you have a feeling 'what if I can spend more time with my Bacchus'. 

Well, it’s time to chuck whatever guilt you have inside. Bringing you Symphony Kids - A unique high-quality Music and Movement Program for Mothers and children up to 6 years of age.

Well, we had an opportunity to see the workshop and trust us, when we saw mothers and kiddos dancing together, it was so much happen just to see them dancing together. We just can't image the amount of fun mothers and kiddos would be experiencing doing it. We have never seen such fun & positivity radiated in any of the workshops we have seen till date. 

Along with fun, there is a deep science within. This Program bonds a mother and her child together in a magical time of play, song and movement, where they move creatively to various Musical Moods and develop a sense of balance, timing and spatial awareness. The beauty of it all is that, a lot of learning happens without your kiddo realizing the same. The Action Song Dancing is for co-ordination, Musical Stops to develop listening skills, Musical Instruments to explore sounds and effects, Stories to teach rhythm and introduce early teamwork and the Nursery Rhymes & Songs to encourage speech.

It’s a child-centered approach to learning Music inspired by Carl Orff.  Besides Finger plays, bounces, Chants, Stories, your kids will get an exposure to music from around the world, they will be involved with musical instruments in real time. 

Though we have talked about mothers all along, the program is also open for enthusiast Grand moms, Granddads, and Dads. And we are sure it’s not too much to ask for as its just once a week program and there's also late evening batches for busy parents. 

(Maids are allowed only in case of twins).
Siblings below 6 months and above 7 years are free.

Are you still thinking? Well, at least give a call and know more about program. 

For Enquiries and Enrollments please call Purvi on 9913 266366

36, Jay Shefali Row Houses, Besides A B Jewellers, Near Shivranjani Cross Roads.
27, Haveli Bungalows, 
B/h TV Tower 
14, Naran Park Society, 
H.L.College Road, 
Bank of Baroda lane, 

Shivranjani | 11:00 am Once a week | Age Group 6 months to 1.5 years.

Bodakdev | Tue & Thurs 4.30 pm onwards | Age Group- 6 months to 6 years
Navrangpura | Mon & Wed 4.30 pm onwards | Age Group-6 months to 6 years

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