Dawn of The Planet of The Apes: Movie Review

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Director: Matt Reeves
Cast: Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Toby Kebbell, etc
Sequel to the blockbuster Rise of The Planet of The Apes, this instalment rides on high voltage drama and superbly executed motion capture. This one excels the previous film in every aspect and creates a wholesome cinematic experience with a soul!

The story happens 10 years after where the last film ended. The lab-created ‘Simian Flue’ has killed most of the world’s humans and what is remaining is troops of humans in different pockets of the world. They are all on their own and are not able to contact other troops. Alongside, apes are now weaponized with MENSA IQ and they are all over.

A group of apes led by Caesar (the only character from earlier Ape Film and brilliantly delivered by Andy Serkis), is disturbed by a sudden violence by group of Humans who enter their territory in search of a destructed hydro-electric plant. What follows is a journey of thrilling and dramatic moments which stir a lot of emotion and make you sit on the edge for high-voltage action on screen.

Unlike the expectations, this blockbuster is not just about technical glorification of cinema but has a lot to say and comment on the issues faced by mankind. The drama draws heavy parallels with Global political scenario.

It is not just the human-animal conflict as these apes are not mammals with minimal IQ. It is the dilemma that everyone faces, family or community, good or bad and a lot many. The film goes beyond just being a cinema and you engrossed in the thought-provoking drama happening on screen. If understood properly, the film is without any traditional antagonist, with people having genuine reasons for their actions. There is Caesar who cares for his community and wants peace all over. But Koba, his rival Ape has his ideologies which say we should finish Humans while they are weak since they have tortured us in past as they were stronger.
Characters written with strong personalities for whom you start feeling right from the word go even if you know these are all motion captured Apes. Story-telling is very simple and touches your heart.

Violence in the film has its own role to play! Even if it is just one push one gun-shot or continuous gun-firing during war waged by Apes, there is an emotion attached with every violent scene in the film.

It seems that motion capture is the future of cinema and if it is so, then actors like Andy Serkis are going to rule the actors’ brigade. These guys breathe life into the entire motion capture and exhibit every minute emotion with finesse making you feel for the every actor.

All other technical departments are just about perfect except for Sound as it gets distracting in a few scenes and unnecessarily over-powers the entire scene.

Final Verdict: Go for this Ape franchise, it will leave you stunned. And yes, this one belongs to Apes more than Humans.

4 Shor out of 5.

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