DC Lounge in Ahmedabad

Let’s welcome DC and his babies to Ahmedabad :)

Yes, the great Dilip Chhabria and his innovative creations (or modification) with cars. Considered as Father of Car Modification genre in India and recognized worldwide, DC is all set to revolutionize the Car industry of Ahmedabad. Check out the sneak preview of cars they have in Ahmedabad showroom.

Yes DC Lounge (showroom) is getting opened on 28th April at …

Abhidev automotives pvt. Ltd.
Old audi showroom,rudra path
nr.rajpath club, s.g.road

Go visit them yourself on Sunday.

Starting as low as 2.5 Lacs to as high as 58 lacs, DC will give your car the look it never thought it can have.

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