Decorative Earthenware accessories

Attributes: Decor, Outdoor/Gardening, Decor Pieces

Earthenware accessories are what we have brought to you for the second episode of “હસ્તકલા on streets”.

If you missed out on the first episode, here’s a small introduction:

We are bringing to you a list of streets where you can shop for amazing home decor items at pocket-friendly rates. Who said home decor has to be expensive, because we surely did find some amazing reasonably priced decor items. So, stay tuned!

Coming back to the Earthenware accessories, these items are all made in Calcutta as the clay that they are made up of is best found there, says the artisan.

You can find decor starting from INR 10 to 5000. And if you want to customize any of these as per your choice, they get it done for you as well.

For more details, you can contact on 9374213789

Address: At Ramdevnagar crossroads in front of the satellite police station

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