Delicious & Healthilicious goodies at the newly opened ZEST

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A post work-out protein shake, with a bowlful of Muesli? A king sized breakfast? Or simply a hot cuppa with cookies? Catering to the health freaks of the city along-with the ones who simply cannot curb their insatiable pangs - ZEST opens up in the city, on the ground floor of Block A-Krishna Complex, below Hyderabadi Biryani, opp. Devashish Business Park, off. S.G. Highway.

Taking a single step into ZEST, you could possibly make your blood pressure drop by a few counts, that's how relaxing it is. You can get the experience of a real cafe in Ahmedabad wherein it exudes an undeniably cool vibe without being intimidating.
With a bookshelf laden with your favourite best sellers, surrounded by a hatke array of seats; the cafe attracts people of all ages, encouraging guests to come comfortably dressed, for a drink, some food and a jolly good time. Grab a seat, watch TV or simply listen to some kickass music.

Tending to just about everyone, their menu is divided into DELICIOUS and HEALTHILICIOUS! While the former has an amazing array of goodies ranging from your club sandwiches to your pastas; the latter comes forth as a major innovation to the city. From protein shakes to fresh fruit juices, healthy cereals to a full sized platter - ZEST has it all laid out.

While the cafe serves your all favourite CAPPUCCINO, and ESPRESSO; they also do a wondrous job in whisking away a LAYERED MOCHA LATTE! To tally with the weather we have on our hands, the drinks laid out surely give you a proper hydration for, be it their KIWI MARGARITA or BERRY BLAST, it is bound to sooth your body.
Looking for a more viscous concoction? The BROWNIE BLAST should be your order.

Indulgence is never far off at ZEST for, their CHICKEN OMELETTE is simply sublime. Being one of the only places in the city serving the same, your ever-so-classic egg serving is a staple meal to start off. Move onto their chef's special TANGY ORANGE CHICKEN, once you wipe the omelette clean. Served along-with a portion of Garlic Rice, the juicy chicken chunks simply cut like butter, and melt the moment they touch your tongue.

If you are conscious about what you eat, or even if you don't; their KING SIZED BREAKFAST PLATTER is indeed a spectacle. Eggs of your choice - Mashed Sweet Potatoes - Baked Beans - Toast - Fresh Fruits - Cereal - Black Coffee. Enough said, right?
To tend to your cheat day, ZEST's take on an EXOTIC CHEAT ON PANCAKE is what dreams are made of. Laden with nutella, chocolate chips and a syrup, over a fluffy pancake; we think they would surely let you lick the plate in a corner.

We all may have an array of reasons to head out but, it generally boils down to basically two, you either pay a cafe a visit for it's scrumptious food or at times, you just want a nice place to linger and let the world be for a few good hours. Well, ZEST pays heed to both; reason enough for you to be first ones to make your way down to the all day cafe. Cheers.

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