Delicious Tawa rolled Ice Cream at THE ROYAL ROLLS

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Ice Cream is indeed a wondrous treat, and Ahmedabad just got an upscale twist to the ever-so-classic commodity in the form of rolled ice cream at THE ROYAL ROLLS.
The summer treat is not just regular ice-cream, but a superb experience from the making to the eating; up for grabs on the ground floor of Payal Apartment, opp Reliance Jewels, Judges Bungalow Road.

When we made our way down to see how they 'whip' away the rolls, and whether it lives up to the hype or no; let us clarify from the very beginning - It does!
Onto your query as to how they roll their ice cream? Well, creamy milk is poured on an ice cold plate, topped up with your favourite tit bits, and mixed together. The concoction is then flattened, rolled and squished into a cup; with some additional toppings to make for a wonder of a dessert!

After some intense pondering we settled for their CARAMEL-O-CHOCO LULU, that rightly boasted of a lovely amalgamation of Caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and a 5star; while being topped with a choco stick, and choco chips to make for a visual spectacle. There was also a refreshing KIWI-KWIK, topped with a kiwi slice.
Feeling imaginative? You ask for THE ROYAL CHOICE that helps you make your own customised ice cream with your choice of toppings and flavours.

Taste-buds craving something savoury? Fret not for, there is also BAMBOO BIRYANI up for grabs, along-with a portion of LOADED NACHOS. To help you wash it down, THE ROYAL ROLLS has come up with a SMOKEY MOCKTAIL, that makes for quite a sight.
In fact, they also host Kitty Parties between 1 to 4 pm, and accept party orders to make your culmination memorable.

An ingenious concept in the city; And you are still simply reading?

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