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Which primary impulse comes to your mind when you think about your dream house? Is it satisfaction that you have got your home build up according to your preferences? Or is it getting accustomed to it for the job done is not at par with what you had in mind? Well, worry no more cause at DESIGNER'S CIRCLE, the team is capable of doing work that speaks for itself and is bound to leave you mesmerised.
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Serene Sophistication - Perhaps no one knows this better than a designer, someone who helps clients hone their preferences into a coherent expression of personal style. 
They use all the modern ideas and techniques to amalgamate your furniture, walls, décor items so that your dream house is no longer a dream but an existing  reality. They have various options which cater to the needs of people with different kinds of budget and tastes. Last but not the least, they stick to the time limit and the work gets done by the due date which has been finalised.

THE CLASSICIST, a space which is layered, cozy, and familiar; filled with deep overstuffed sofas, venerable wooden furniture, a friendly mix of patterns, colors, collections, paintings, and carpets that look better with age. 
The monopoly in the floors being hold by the marble and its modern comeback in the world of interior design, one cannot ignore it’s overwhelm presence. Some Innovative ways are used with marble so that it gives a classic touch while still staying modern.
Whether it is the Grand Marble engraving wall, walking parallel to the long drawing-room at Epitome Sundarvan , Wooden cladding walls in the drawing room complimented with the grey marble floor at Gokuldham bungalows or the Mosaic mural in the kitchen space of Riveria Antaliya.
Whichever element you pick, there are a variety of ways to execute the design.
How do you feel about marble’s resurgence? Are you up for incorporating it into your interior design? Have you found any specific picture that you absolutely love? Let them know in the comments.
We need not say more. Want your abode to stand apart? You know who to contact! Cheers.


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