Detoxify your body


Snap out of your dreams for, this is real! DETOXIFY your body with set diet plans laid out by Dr. BINDIYA PATEL!

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DETOXIFICATION is indeed the latest diet craze to take off in recent years, and though it might sound like more than just a mere fad. This approach to losing weight is indeed miraculous to say the least for, Dr. Bindiya has the success stories that say for themselves.


If you don't believe us, you can check them out for yourself! While shedding kilos with ease, you will also add a wondrous flow that has gone amiss, making you sure you look the very best!


Undertaken by Dr. Bindiya Patel, who has acheived a MD in HOMEOPATHY; Ensures an experience worth taking for, she has been practicing the same since the last 7 Years and has helped over a 10,000 Clients from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, USA, and Canada by providing a one-stop-solution to lose weight, and detoxify the body with unique, effective and easier ways to reduce weight, and feel energetic than ever before!


This program is specifically planned for working people, for we all know how busy life tends to get, leaving no time to take essential care of the body! But, the beauty of it all is that the program lets you follow your regular working life, while you gain health and wellness !


By following this detox program one can reduce up to 6-7 kgs of weight in one month, simply with the help of a purely natural and scientific way. This program helps to detox the body inside out and makes you feel more energetic and lighter, prevents and cures health conditions, while also retaining your glowing skin, and lustrous hair!


Before we start ranting on the benefits of this program, it is fair that you first know - What are toxins. In plain simple words they are chemicals known to have an unfavorable effect on a human body, and can be found in food (or substances used in growing food), water and even air.


With the help of the program, the said toxins, are processed through the liver and kidneys, finally eliminating through perspiration, urination and bowel movements.


The Detox program includes:

-A scientific and natural way to Detox

-A diet therapy


Ensuring that you will feel energetic and lighter, while improving your metabolism, absorption of vitamins & minerals, and health in general. It also prevents the complications of obesity without any side effects, in fact it leads to advanced fat & inch loss!


How does it help you to reduce weight ?

Well, Cellulite i.e. fat is nothing but the waste that is trapped in the connective tissues & fat cells; Detoxification cannot remove the cellulite but it cleanses the intestinal tract as well as body’s liquid waste system hence improving the body’s metabolic rate, better functioning of digestive system and thus in removal of cellulite and fat.


Tired of working out to no avail? You now know where to head to!



Address: 209, Sunrise Mall, Mansi Cross Roads, above Gwalia Sweets, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.


Contact: +91-9619954560


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