Dhabagiri is open again

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Albeit a brief glitch, DHABAGIRI opens up and in more pomp & pleasure!
In case you did miss out on what the eatery is all about, here is an excerpt of what we thought about of the place.

Lahsun aur Hari Mirchi; Udad Dal; Gulab Jamun; and Aam Papad ka PARATHA at a meager Rs 45 per plate! Presenting the MOST unique food dishes that you would'nt have EVER come across in Ahmedabad comes DHABAGIRI, on S.G. Highway, just ahead of YMCA, exactly opp AFL Cars!

Decked up like a ditto Dhaba; DHABAGIRI is indeed a wonderful take on servings that are blatantly scrumptious! Order anyone of their parathas out of their vast array of over 20 Parathas; May it be their
-GULAB JAMUN (you read it right)
and what not, you can partake in a offering like no other with UNLIMITED Accompaniments of their equally delicious ALOO MUTTER SABJI, KADDU KI SABJI, RAITA, IMLI & HARI CHUTNEY, ONIONS & PICKLE.

What makes their Parathas different from the hoards in the market, apart from the 'flavours' i.e. is the style of cooking which might make you question the very name itself. The 'parathas' once stuffed with the filling of your choice are they tossed in pure ghee, leading to a crunch everytime you bite into one. Ask for a portion of fried chillis to go with every bite and my my! The experience is indeed orgasmic.

Apart from that, the Non-AC Dhaba, also specializes in other Indian delicacies and if you are a big fan of the same, you could readily dig in their;
-PANEER KACHA GULLA MAKHANI with TAWA PARATHAS; A wonder of an offering for, the Paneer Gullas simply melt in your mouth, dip them in their mildy spicy gravy and you'll know you are in for a treat.
-BIRYANI with BOONDI ka RAITA; Flavourful and full of spice! 'Nuff said. Don't you think?
-RAJASTHANI DAL DHOKLA; Mind you, it we didn't misspell Dhokli. Break the Dhoklas the ditto way you would a Batti and gorge on the same.
With Unique offerings that you would have NEVER heard of before, indeed makes DHABAGIRI a must visit place this weekend. Cheers.

Address: DHABAGIRI, on S.G. Highway, just ahead of YMCA, exactly opp AFL Cars, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9099029292

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