Dharmaja's Cupcakes

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Love cupcakes? Then this one’s for you!

Pretty designs on the top make those cupcakes look gorgeous! They’re so gorgeous that you wouldn’t want to eat them since it’ll disturb its beauty. But we’ll encourage you to finish off the cupcakes since they are so tasty that you’ll not want to stop after the first bite!

Dharmaja’s Cupcakes – The homely taste and cleanliness is clearly visible in the cupcakes made by Dharmaja. The dough is a bit grainy and fats used are of very good quality. It doesn’t leave that fatty taste in the mouth after eating.

Another important aspect is its sweetness! The sweetness is so perfect (less sweet) that one can finish 4-5 cupcakes at a time!

Wide variety in designs like a stiletto, sunrise, mustached man, angry birds, etc are available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry favours.

Less fat content and sweetness makes it less sinful. So girls, you have every reason to order these cupcakes. Make sure you click a lot of pictures before you eat them!

But hey, you have to order them one day prior. So call up Dharmaja for your choice of cupcakes. By the way, she also makes designer birthday cakes!

The price range starts from Rs. 55/- per cupcake and depends on the designs you want!

Address: A-3, Orchid Bungalows, B/h. ShyamViharbungalows, Nr. Baghban Party Plot, Thaltej – Shilaj

Contact: 7600002020

Email: dharmaja@shivesh.co.in

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