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Aamir and the 2 Idiots…

New story, new chor, new destinations…all good. But new director decides to give Dhoom that extra emotional twist. What we get is Dhoom minus all the cool quotient and zing that the earlier franchise instalments had!

No doubt the film is decent, but it borrows heavily from Hollywood mastermind Christopher Nolan!

Owner of a The Great Indian Circus (Jacky Shroff) loses his auditorium to The Western Bank of Chicago for some huge unpaid loan. This trauma is unbearable to him; shots himself down. His son, Sahir (Aamir) is now all grown up and very much prepared to take revenge from the bank! Wow, what a plot it is! Bank seizes your property for unpaid loan, and what you do is take revenge from the bank. Marvellous.

So how does he take this revenge? Rob the bank and its branches until it goes bankrupt. Brilliance!

And how does he do it… do we even know… Boss…hands up…No clue.

Since the chor writes messages in Hindi, Chicago police and SWAT seek help from apna Mumbai Police. Wonderful! There is literally no content in the ‘chor police’ part of Dhoom3.

What lifts the film above average and makes it watchable is amazing action (very few scenes), Aamir’s acting, two spectacular songs with amazing choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant and funny Uday Chopra’s Ali!

Junior Bachchan and Miss Kaif have no idea why they are in this film, and even we don’t care what they are doing.

Something about the technicalities since these play a major in action flicks. Camera, VFX, Animation and background score are below average. The climax action scene lives upto the expectation, but again, it is just not appealing.

To sum up the flick, we would say it is an Aamir show all the way and it is Dhoom plus lots of emotional drama, this is not Dhoom we came looking for.

All in all… We get Dhoom 3…with less of Dhoom and more of Gloom at the end of the year..!!

We give it 2.5 Shors.

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