Dilliwale - Dilli Ka Khana Dil Se

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The father cooks and the daughters serve!

It’s about a father who left his City, State and more than 20 year old business in Ludhiana just to make delicious North Indian food for his daughter and to spend time with her. It’s a story about this new restaurant that started because of his daughter. It’s the love between a father and his daughter which brought an authentic North Indian restaurant to our city, Ahmedabad.

Dilliwale, this is not just a restaurant, it’s a place with that homely feeling. You would be able to taste that love of a father in the food. Well, we can’t just get over this feeling. So yes, visit this restaurant just to feel the way we did.

About the food at this restaurant, we were not hungry when we went there but after that first bite of Pindi Chana with Kulcha, we just couldn’t stop. After every single bite there was a craving to have more and more. Dahi Bhalla Papdi Chat with green Chatni, Aloo onion Paratha with Green Chatni & pickle from Panipat, Lassi and Aloo Tikki. Not getting into describing the food because we’ve NO WORDS. Honestly, NO WORDS. It was a 100% homemade and mind blasting treat. It’s a blessing for those who were looking for that pure north Indian taste. Don’t forget to visit this place!

And why the taste is different? The reason is their resources. Yes, except Jeera, nothing is from Gujarat. Spices are from Khariboli (one of the oldest spice hubs in Delhi), Basmati Rice from Fazilka, Rajma from Jammu, Pickle from Panipat and the list goes on! Now you know why we are boasting about their proper and authentic north Indian taste and not to forget the people behind this. Vinay sir and his wife!


G-8, Kalyan Towers
Opp. Alpha One

Timings: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

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