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Why always wait for Valentine's Day every year to woo your sweetheart to a nice, romantic meal? Why go about in a mad rush on that particular day, with other lovebirds eyeing you with jealousy when you make your way to a table, while they are left stranded? Why not head to NUMERON at A1, Shivalik Business Centre, opp Kensville Golf Academy, SG Highway where they will be hosting a beautiful candlelight setup on their rooftop EVERY WEEK (Monday-Friday | 7 - 11 pm) to help you constantly stoke the fire in your romance.

Doesn't the idea of having dinner on a rooftop with the one you love sound lucrative? You are above everyone else, the gentle breeze kisses your face, there are delectables on the plate, a panoramic view in front of you and music in the back. Romantic right? That is exactly what NUMERON offers.

Once you make your way upto their terrace, you will be welcomed into the warm embrace of a pretty niche setup, wherein you can enjoy sublime offerings ranging from North Indian to Chinese to Mexican to even the delicacies from the land of Tuscany - Cuisine from around the world in your very hands. Either way, at NUMERON you will be treated to an extremely sophisticated cooking amidst a classy backdrop that will definitely make the hours go by too fast!

Sublime Food - Romantic Music - Cosy Set-Up and your sweet heart right in front of you; What's there to wait? Head to NUMERON to be a part of a fairytale at your earliest. Cheers.

Address: NUMERON, A1-Shivalik Business Centre, Opposite Kensville Golf Academy, Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-079-40099001

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