Dolly ki Doli: Movie Review

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Director: Abhishek Dogra
Actors: Rajkummar Rao, Varun Sharma, Pulkit Samrat, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, Sonam Kapoor
She ain’t your ordinary chai ki tray prospective bahu walking in amidst judgemental would-be inlaws. She will bat her eyelashes, woe the wannabe groom, get married amongst the community rituals… and then on the very first night ransacks the house and flees. The only issue being that neither is Sonam strong enough that she’d outdo herself as a smart con artist and neither is their plan flawless enough that the gang escape to glory these many times.
Bringing in actors like Rajkumar to deliver engaging an performance, fresh faces like Pulkit Samrat or the typical Punjabi OTT Archana Puran for the comic punches - Director Abhishek Dogra has tried way too hard but consequently the product fails to deliver owing to poor dialogues and lack of direction in script. Our suggestion to him: till the time you’re not Anil Kapoor, refrain from making Sonam Kapoor the protagonist and even naming the film around her character. She is yet to evolve!
Pulkit Samrat is somewhat pleasing as a wannabe Dabangg Robinhood Pandey (oh his name is Robin too! how creative is that!) Rajkumar is caught in the wrong job. The only two guys who actually stood out were Varun Sharma (a loser son to a rich and imposing mother) and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub (remember the loyalist friend from Raanjhana? )Welcome Ayub… hope to see more of you sooner!
It takes two hours of Sonam to get you over three minutes of Malaika – yes! That’s how unbelievably hot she is in the item number…
Since it’s the wedding season, we know gurls are going to pick lehenga and jewelry ideas from Sonam… rest all of you can kill your time, literally. All in all, 2 shors.

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