Done with Ice golas? Go for Tropical Sno now!

Cuisines: Desserts

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Outdoor seating

Attributes: Street Food, Cart

What happens if someone asks you to choose between Ice Gola and an Ice-cream cone?

Frightening, ain’t it? Chill. You don’t need to! Try this unique blend of Ice Golas in the form of a Cone! Shall we say, Ice Cone? Let’s just say- TROPICAL SNO.

1) Armeida, SBR | 2) Inside SBR Social | 3) Netaji Road, Law Garden

You know the best part about these Shaved Ice cone and are made using Ozonised, UV water. Which means 100% Hygienic!

It does not end here. They are here with the kind of flavours that you may have never seen before. Because, ame to nathij joi!

Single flavours: Cranberry, Cotton candy, Cinnamon, Birthday cake

Popular Concoctions: 
Pina Colada- Pineapple + Coconut
Volcano- Black Cherry + Mango
Rainbow- Red Raspberry + Pineapple + Blue Raspberry

And You have 50+ other such options to choose! Have a happy end to your weekend!

Our Favourites: Hackleberry, Red Wine

- Outside Armeida Complex, Sindhu bhavan road
- G-2, Shree balaji alfa bazar, Netaji road, Law Garden 
- Stall no 16,SBR social food park,sindhu bhavan road,beside PR colony

Call: 079 2676177
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