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Break free from the conventional this Navratri and take a plunge into the uniqueness of quirky accessories KITSCH by NIK has laid out at the DISCONNECT Flea Market on19th & 20th September, from 6 pm to 12 midnight at IIM Old Campus.
You don't need a million reasons to convince yourself that you should look different and gorgeous these 9 nights cause, hey! You are bound to be ogled at and we know you love that!
KITSCH by NIK showcases a fitting range of accessories that is bound to get your perceived as 'artsy', while for the ones who already have the same persona, the brand allows you to take a massive step forward. The best part? Dead Affordable (Period)!
The year and half old brand by Nirjari Shah has always been famous for sweet, beautiful, fashionable and ABOVE ALL really unique accessories, that is all set to introduce her brand new collection for the crazy nine days up ahead.
This time out, she is exhibiting;
Feet Accessories: Her highest selling Signature Collection, and again the most unique of the entire lot. Look it up over the internet and we assure you that you would not come across such set pieces, so much so that you wouldn't even be aware that something like this could ever exist for your feet.
Ear Accessories: The brand has introduced and exclusive fusion of 'age-old coins' and 'modern fresh looking tassles' in the form of earrings for the first time, this Navratri - Fittingly appropriate with  your backless and fully covered choli.
Hand Accessories: Adding something completely 'hatke' to her array, Nirjari has come up with Colourful Bracelets, with cute motifs hanging onto them. Pink! Blue! Green! Yellow! Take your pick with a twee little scissor, hanger or even an elephant hanging onto it.
With hoards of accolades backing her up, KITSCH by NIK ensures that her products are showcased at a few chosen exhibitions in Ahmedabad. Rest of the year, she is busy flaunting her products in Mumbai and Pune and with a few moments here and there she gets interviewed by BBC, Times and other Platforms of the country. 
Girls! Why wait? You surely can't afford to miss this. Cheers.
Dates: 19-20 September
Timings: 6 pm to 12 midnight
Venue: IIM Old Campus, IIM Road, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-9601457543
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