Drop dead gorgeous Box clutches & footwear combos by BLINKK!

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If you're a fashion fanatic like i am, then  you know very well that shoes, bags and clutches are our major weaknesses and nothing beats the whiff of a new bag or the feeling of strutting around town in new heels, right? There's one label in the city now that has been creating the best of the aforementioned products and standing out from the rest of the crowd that too especially with their combos; a saviour and messiah in disguise of every city fashionista that's been making people's dreams come true - the unparalled BLINKK FOOTWEAR.

The brainchild of a flawless mother daughter duo named Vasavi vyas and Smita Vyas; BLINKK has become tantamount with elegance and graceful designs weaved up vivaciously in their exclusive and completely handmade array of juttis, chappals, box clutches and potli bags. BLINKK has been sweeping the amdavadi crowd off their feet ever since their inception  by ensuring that your feet feel the utmost comfort and love and your clutches and bags complement your outfits to the T every single time! 

Each of the pieces take inspiration from our effervescent heritage and add a chic and modish touch to it so that they look equally stunning in the 21st century soirees too. The adornments are made from top notch materials, the most vibrant of colours from orange, green, black, yellow, blue and even floral prints with mirror work and other sorts of embellishments including lace, ghunghroos, intricate embroideries and more and trust me; are absolutely showstopping. 

But wait darlings, the list is not over yet! What steal the show the most are their specially curated and perfectly matching box clutches and footwear combos that can single handedly transform a meh outfit to a wow outfit in a split second. An utter must for any  to look complete from head to toe; these hassle free and easy to pick combinations will make you fall in love right from the very first glance  and will ensure that all heads turn when you flaunt these around town.

The price range will make your wallets grin and they even offer customisation as an add on, both on their range of clutches as well as footwear so that you can radiate and flaunt your true personality off like the diva you're supposed to be at all your gatherings! 

You can also follow them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/blinkvy

Address: BLINKK, 1-Sunview Apartments, opp Purnanand Ashram, near Ishwar Bhuvan, Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura.
Contact: +91-9726811777

Tags: Drop dead gorgeous Box clutches & footwear combos by BLINKK!

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