Drum away on World Environment Day with WAY

5th June is World Environment Day. We would rather not waste your time, and our enery in telling you that plant trees, treat mother nature fairly and yada yada yada; rather, WAY (World Around You) invites you to drum with them, and experience the awesome connection of nature & music in a special DRUM CIRCLE Session this Sunday, between 6 to 7:30 pm, at Parimal Garden.
To get your passes, call: 9898899508 or go onto: bit.ly/1Y6hZU8

We all agree to the fact that the contribution of each of us is important if we really want to bring about a change in the environmental conditions; and this is a shout-out to all those who would want to join this band-wagon and to start with 'drum-together' creating positivity for the environment.

The Drum Circle, is a simple idea wherein you can head down and enjoy the spirit of drumming together, even if you do not have any drumming experience; and no, it’s just not for you and your friends. In fact, your Mom-Dad, Brother-Sister, Uncle-Aunt, and even Grandparents can be a part of it. The activity is a great way of evading the negativity within, creating and sharing auras of happiness by the means of harmony.

Talking about the relation between music & nature; we all know as to how music is good for plant growth. Despite not having brains or nervous systems in the traditional sense, plants are surprisingly sophisticated.
A drum-circle is known to transcend emotions and make one feel positive. And feeling positive is one of the main reasons of one's personal growth. In the same way, trees too feel positive hearing the music that is made and the positive-vibrations that can be given to trees, there-by making them happy. Cheers.

Date: 5th June

Timings: 6 to 7:30 pm

Venue: Parimal Garden, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 9898899508

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