Dugout Cafe & Eatery

Great Food! Casual Ambiance! Football on the BIG Screen! - Saturday evenings have never sounded better! Wondering where? Need not whack your head for it is the NEWEST CAFE on the block in the form of DUGOUT CAFE & EATERY, all besides Masti Restaurant, near Apple Global School, Iscon Cross Roads.
To make it even better, they are giving away a FLAT 20% DISCOUNT* on your Total Bill if you state that you are a CITYSHOR FOLLOWER!
(*Applicable till 6th September - Sunday. Cannot avail it on Mineral Water & Aerated Drinks)
From the time you step in, you can count yourself in for some revamped culinary glee, novel open-air decor and fine music that is bound to lift your spirits.
Right from your finger road to a proper course, DUGOUT CAFE & EATERY nails the same.
While you wait for their mains, a portion of their signature appetizers is a must, for the Vegetarians they offer wonderful stuffed Mushrooms & Cheese in the form of MUSHROOM CAPS that is served with a Mustard Mayo Dip; While the Non-Vegetarians can dig on an even more glorious PESTO GRILL CHICKEN, their chef's specialty of a Chicken Breast Marinated in a Pesto Sauce.
You can put on a shoe without socks but, you simply can't have an appetizer without a Beverage and for that, you should ask for their NEW COCON; A Cool Blend of Kiwi and Cinnamon Flavour - effing great! Now we know cinnamon doesn't suit everyone's palette for, the said folk Dugout's light, refreshing BLUEBERRY LEMONADE is more than apropos.
DUGOUT also offers a ROASTED CHICKEN SHAWARMA! For the unwary, a Shawarma is a very famous Levantine Arab Street Food that is loaded with meat - Succulent Grilled Chicken in this case. No need for the veggie crowd to fret for, their VEG BURGER is no less.
On the Italian side of things, we fell  in love with their GARDEN FRESH PIZZA the moment the first bite hit our tongue for, the thin crust Pizza topped with Olives, Mushrooms, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Sundried Tomatoes and Cheese, indeed lives upto it's remark of being Fresh. More on the same side, is their Pasta that can be cooked up in the sauce of your choice; While we asked for PENNE PASTA in a Creamy, Tomato Sauce, that was lipsmacking, we have no doubts on their finesse on the other sauces.
All tucked in to glory, but hey! Don't desserts occupy a space in the heart not the tummy? We simply could not pass up on their take on a CHOCOLATE MOUSSE that came out flirting with our sweet tooth and took it home.
All the goodness is served in an open air ambiance that is decked up with simplistic White Chairs & Black Tables; While a Brick Wall on the side depicts frame work from the world of Football.
The experience doesn’t account for a pretty and tasteful plate alone. It’s the effort that runs across, that asks for your presence this weekend. Cheers.
(Football Fans, just so you know the European Championship Qualifying is on)
Address: DUGOUT CAFE & EATERY, besides Masti Restaurant, near Apple Global School, Iscon Cross Roads, S.G.Highway.
Contact: +91-760060997 | +91-9979229984
Timings: 5:30 to 11:30 pm
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