Easy, customizable & affordable modular kitchens by KENT!

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The maximum time anyone spends inside the house is undoubtedly in the kitchen and that’s a common consensus. Precisely why it’s of utmost importance that your kitchen is everything you need it to be and more. Still surviving with a drab, sad kitchen? Fret no more, because KENT HOME DÉCOR AND FURNITURE CO, the city’s one stop furniture solution is here with super accessible, easily installed, customisable and affordable modular kitchens to suit all your personal choices and make it into the actual heart of the house that it deserves to be.

A happy and loyal customer base since 2014 and the widest selection of quality furniture and artefacts make this place one of the best options to create your own dream house, just how you like it. Now adding a feather to their hat, KENT also has a varied range of modular furniture, standing out from the rest with ease unlike any other store in the city.

The modular kitchens that they offer are lively, effervescent and ultra-functional. With hoards of cabinets, umpteen number of shelves and extra counter space, these kitchens are everyone’s dreams come true. Starting at just Rs. 59000/- these are super affordable too, a catch that comes only once every blue moon!

Using only the best of quality materials, each of their designs have been made with love, care and attention to minute details along with keeping in mind the fact that everyone’s needs are different, also the reason why they offer customization services too. Elegant, graceful, well designed and efficient, each of these pieces will suit your quaint abodes flawlessly and will radiate flamboyance and bravura every step of the way.

Choose kitchens which will make you want to never get out of there! Choose a place where the best is affordable. Choose KENT. Cheers!

Address: Shilp Aaron, A-Block 07, Nr. Pakwan Cross Road, S.G.Highway, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Bodakdev.
Phone: 098255 03911

Tags: Easy, customizable & affordable modular kitchens by KENT!

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