Eat Right By Ashna- Say No to Crash Diet

Eat Right By Ashna- Say No to Crash Diet !

Effective eating is more important than staying hungry to loose weight. This place focuses on weight loss as well as inch loss with minimal change in lifestyle. Eat Right by Ashna, gives personalized meal plans for weight loss, weight gain, weight maintaining, pregnancy and post pregnancy diet and also, diet meal as per medical issue. Moreover, she designs individualized bridal diet charts that not just focuses on right weight goals but also takes care for healthy skin and hair.

Ashna, the owner of the Eat Right By Ashna says that she lets her clients eat everything they wish for, she just has a very healthy preparatory version of the junk food- from pizzas to burgers. She understands the social activeness of the people in our city, thus she is not rigid- infact she let's her client eat outside once in a while. She is also flexible much to suggest her clients healthy places and right items to eat outside. 

They offer a range in variety of meals so a person will never feel that they are eating the same thing everyday. 

Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 17/A Ornet Park 3, besides Maple County 2, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Ahmedabad.
Tuesday-Thursday: 1st floor Nirav Complex, Darpan Six Roads, Near Navrang High School, Naranpura.


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