Eat.Shop.Chill.Repeat. at Cartoon-themed cafe in a Boutique

Cuisines: Fast Food, Juices, Chocolate

Filters: Dine-in

Attributes: Cafes, Pocket-Friendly

Located in the same premises of well known Vohera’s Boutique, Hugs with Mugs is the NEW cafe that will refresh your shopping experience! With a delicious menu and Cartoon theme to relive your childhood dreams.


With 4 dining areas, the cafe has a colourful and spacious outdoor seating. A small indoor dining, a cartoon themed basement dining area to revisit your childhood memories. Also a separate private dining area for a group of friends to enjoy with a 3D painting in the background.


They have a scintillating menu with a few Board games to play and hang out with your friends.


Our favourites from their menu are:

H&M Sandwich- Focaccia bread with Pizza stuffing.

Paneer 123- with Arrabiata sauce curry

Mexican Chilli Paneer Rice with Curry

Sneopak Energy Mocktail - A cranberry coolberg virgin mojito


Tip: Do not miss out on trying the Yum Dum Pizza, Creamy Latte or the Chocolate Freakshake

Don’t miss to munch on in this new cafe with a boutique. Enjoy a day out with shopping and coffee on the go!

Address: 6, Utsav Row House, Opp. Sal Hospital, Thaltej

Call: 79489 06995

Time: 11am to 12 Midnight

Boutique time: 11 to 7 PM

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