Eco friendly daily use products from Raw Route

Your gateway towards a Plastic free life- RAW ROUTE ( | Check out some great products like- Bamboo toothbrush, Wooden Pan cleaner, Cold-pressed soap


One of the most important lessons mankind has learnt over the last few months, is - “It is time we started respecting Nature. And, to obey it is not just a good deed but a duty we all have to do.”


Here is one brand born out of the same ideology- RAW ROUTE. Taking us on a much required detour to Sustainable, Environment friendly, plastic free & handcrafted- daily use products.


And, all of these, by working towards bringing together eco-aligned artisans, vendors, manufacturers and services to the forefront.


Here is a start- The objective of this platform is to provide you sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to your day to day needs and thereby reducing your carbon footprint. 

Products available: 

Oral Care Starter kit- Compostable Bamboo Toothbrush, Copper Tongue Cleaner, Herbal Tooth Powder

Coconut fibre Cleaning brush kit- Vessel Scrubbers, Kitchen Scrubbers, Wooden Pan Cleaner

Sustainable body care products- Cold pressed Soap, Natural Loofah, Neem Wood Comb


It is time we stopped taking Nature for granted. Cheers! :)

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