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Ever imagined life without Dominos and Huts. Back in the days of ‘Karan Arjun’, ‘Rangeela’, and ‘Bombay’, do you know who was making the most awesomest Pizza in Ahmedabad? Any guess – who introduced the first ‘fresh base mozzarella cheese pizzas’ in town. Yes, you are getting it right – An old-timer, still going great, with a huge fan following, the joint is called ‘Ek One Uno Pizza’.
Located right above famous Vada Pau shop at Vijay cross roads, Ek One Uno Pizza was the first of a kind when no MNC had entered into the market of Ahmedabad to serve fresh base mozzarella cheese pizzas. To venture into something new like pizzas that too with mozzarella cheese was difficult task on hand when most of the people were unaware of types of cheese available in the market and role of mozzarella cheese in pizzas. Little did Uno Pizza know that by taking such a risk, they were creating a history in Ahmedabad.

In no-time, the popularity of Ek One Uno Pizza grew so well that it became the most famous hangout joint for Pizza lovers. It has yummy Pizzas and some old-timers still feel that it’s more juicer than the one available in the Huts and Dominos. Though we are not here to pass on the judgment, but we simply loved it as well. The mozzarella cheese that they use is a bit different as it will stretch a bit after you bite. Just a disclaimer, don’t expect too much in terms of ambiance – it’s the taste that you will fall in love with.

Try the Ek One Uno special’s Stuffed Cheese Crust or Garlic Cheese Pizza and don’t forget to try Uno Pizza’s famous sauce with the slice of maida.

Do visit them and let us know – whether you loved it or loved it!!!

Address :
Ek One Uno Pizza
Shop No. 3, Upper Level,
HSG House, Vijay Cross Road,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

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