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Set in the year 2154, the wealthy men leave the chaotic earth to settle in Elysium, a man made spaceship of comfort, and close it for citizens of earth. Max (Matt Damon), who always aspired to live in Elysium, faces a lethal death roll, sets his eyes for Elysium for the cure, and in process access some of the most important information, making him a target. The drama tumbles as action grows, and the ultimate face –off, would he be able to make Elysium accessible to the earth dwellers?

The action filled “Bourne star” is back, and this time with a good bang. Elysium captures its audience within the first half, and thankfully it does not turn out to be yet another future fiction. The story is strong, and well balanced with the action sequences (of course, it’s a bald Matt Demon). Jodi foster has her small share, but always amazes with the powerful performance, as the defense head of Elysium. The story is cut to cut, positively fast paced, and saves the audience with any boring details.

The weak side of the movie is definitely the lack of a lead role on either side. Although the story is gracious, it absorbs the attention which the star cast deserves. You might end up thinking you wanted more of Matt in the movie. The multiple baddies lower the importance of a single arch-enemy, and the techno savvy futuristic environment seems repetitive now. Simple enough, it does not have too many WOW moments.

Having said that, Elysium is a fresh approach and although it isn’t the “action- drama of the year”, it does not disappoint the audience for any particular reason. Matt fans, may not feel satisfied, but the entertainment value, the story, and the fact it will grab your attention till the short climax, makes it worth of 3.5 shors.

Review by – Rohan Dave

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