Enhance your brand beyond Abad by exhibiting at IRIS Gallery

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The season calls for you to enhance your brand and take it beyond the boundaries of Ahmedabad. How, you ask? Well, to start with, you can enhance your clientele by showcasing your lovely products at IRIS GALLERY, near Chocolate Room, Jetalpur Road, in Baroda. The newly opened space allows you to host stand alone exhibitions, while also lets you participate in their wondrous trunk shows, as well.
To inquire, call: 9638246939

An initiative by Oneway, who have made strides in the fashion world by bringing forth the best of trends to Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Anand; now, bring forth an honest attempt to promote brands and showcase them to the right audience for, they endeavour to go that 'Extra Mile' to provide the Entrepreneur not just the 'Space' but a 'Soulful Ambience’.

What sets them apart is that they provide a vintage ambiance, a music system along-with a TV, promotion of their social media platforms; and of course along-with hangers, shelves, tables, as well as mannequins to showcase your products.
In fact, IRIS GALLERY is available for paintings, calligraphy classes, talks, kids classes, adult studio classes, and much much more.

Spread over 1400 sq feet of a space, you can also opt for a smaller space of 450 sq feet; it is indeed time to enhance your brand beyond Ahmedabad, by exhibiting at IRIS Gallery, Baroda. Cheers.

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