Enjoy an Affordable Shopping Session at the Sunday Market!

Every city has its own street shopping hub which is both ethnic and economic; Ahmedabad Sunday Market is no exception to that. 

Ahmedabad Sunday Market is the open air market which every Sunday is crowded with street vendors selling you anything from camphor to cameras and computers! Starts from the roadsides of Ellis Bridge and extends to the Sabarmati Riverfront, the vendors set up their merchandise on the road/ roadside stalls in an array. 

Sunday Market is the one stop for all your shopping needs as you will find sarees, Kurtas, handmade jewellery, shoes, bags, handicrafts, tableware a, plates, kitchen utensils and many other things. If you are a pet lover, there are vendors to sell cute little lambs, hopping bunnies, different varieties of chirpy love birds, and beautiful doves. If it's a festival season or not, you will see stalls for beautiful ethnic wears (sarees, churidars, lehengas, dhotis, wedding suits etc.) and western wears (Jeans, tops and tunics, t-shirts, shirts etc.) too. There are also vendors who sell furniture including sofas, chairs, tables of different size and price. Another interesting thing you may come across is the 5 Rupee Shop, where you will get things at just 5 Rs. Now isn't it the real shoppers' stop?! 

The items are sold at a relatively low price and if you possess good bargaining skills, your heart and cart will be filled too. Well, don't worry if demonetization bothers you; there are smart vendors who accept the money through Paytm too. 

You can buy those affordable daily essentials from these retail shops, as this will help those strugglers to meet their heavy family needs. We will be the reason for bringing a smile into their family. It is much better a feeling than something regular. Anyways the big brands will start another branch at the prime shopping mall. 

So, how about an economic session of shopping on this Sunday? Make a shopping list and get ready to walk a lot in this otherwise crowded Sunday market. If the long walk makes you tired and thirsty, there are 'water kakas’ for the rescue as well!

And if shopping is not on your mind at all, then at least stroll around this Sunday Market and soak some good vibes of Ahmedabad!

Address: Roadside of Ellis Bridge and extends to the Sabarmati Riverfront

Author and Picture Credit:  Abhilash John

Tags: sunday market, street shopping

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