Enjoy Iftar from the famous lanes of the city!

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Ramadan is the most holy month of the Muslim religion. Muslims observe fasts and celebrate Ramzan. People keep roza and eat before sunrise. In the entire day they refrain from eating or drinking anything. In the evening people break their fast after sunset, with a meal called Iftar.

Traditionally, one eats dates along with milk, juice or water to break their fast. Iftar meals are and traditional Ramzan dinner are exquisite, elaborate and are filled with delicacies. From rich mutton curries to lovely desserts the Iftar meals have it all.

We went through the famous Bhatiyar Gaali, Mirzapur and Jamalpur! Known for their irresistible delicacies and being one of the known places during Ramzaan, here are a few places which CityShor strongly recommends! 
 1. Baghdad Fry Center
2. Ronak Fry and Restaurant
3. Akbari Hotel
4. Naaz Tawa

Known for their authentic spice filled delicacies and freshly cooked non veg and many of the other famous delicacies during the Ramzaan, you simply can’t miss these places!

So this time, while you’re celebrating the holy festival of Ramzaan, enjoy your Iftar from the famous lanes in Ahmedabad and simply add more fun with your family and loved ones!

Address: Bhatiyaar Gaali, Mirzapur and Jamalpur

Tags: Enjoy Iftar from the famous lanes of the city!

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