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When Vidya Balan said ‘Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment’ in Dirty Picture, little did she knew it will inspire Sajid-Farhad in this way. And though Entertainment is anything but funny, it hurts me to  believe & admit that I did laugh at a couple of silly-senseless-stupid-vahiyat-juiceless jokes. That’s a compliment to Akshay, for he is purely one of those very few actors who can do that to you – he can make you laugh on the same Santa-Banta joke that you heard first when you were in primary school. Akshay & his slapstick comedy entertains you in bits & pieces but fails to impress you overall. You won’t really look forward for anything new ‘cause you are smart enough but you still stick around ‘cause you have paid for the movie already.

So Akshay, who does odd jobs to survive, comes to know one fine day that his ‘original’ father is a Billionaire and that he is dead leaving behind the entire property to a dog (Entertainment). Well, Akshay being Akshay, first tries to kill the dog and then tries to save him from goon bros (Sonu & Prakash) who have proved themselves to be the original heir of the empire. Akshay swears to get the empire back for Entertainment. Tamanna (girlfriend) Krushna and Johnny are his side-kicks. What begins is funny-in-parts-nonsense-mostly ride that ends up in you-know-what. The first half if compared to the second is more bearable.

After Akshay, its Krushna that saves your life. Will give a pat on the back to the writer who wrote his dialogues and a thumbs up to Krushna for delivering them effortlessly. His dialogues are really clever and non-repetitive. Most of the audience will cheer for it. Johnny is good but not as hilarious as he generally is. While Prakash Raj pulls off his role seamlessly, you see Sonu struggling with comedy. All said & done, they don’t disappoint you as Karan-Arjun. There is not much to say about Tamanna. Unfortunately, there is not much done with the dog that happens to be the centre character of the movie. You miss the bonding between Akshay & Entertainment and hence you don’t appreciate whatever little melodrama that Directors have tried putting in.

Since the jokes are clean & with a dog as a centre attraction, it will appeal to the kids more than adults. Adults may give it a skip and won’t miss a thing.

2.5 Shors.

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